Security Patrol in Houston, TX

The three main types of patrol security include Foot Patrol, Remote Patrol and Vehicle Security Patrol. All three include securing a premises through intricate, mobile watch which is provided by our company day and night. We aim to follow the basic 4 P’s of patrol that include; Protection of life, Protection of property, Preventing loss and waste and Prevention and detection of crime.

Our mobile patrol units provide your facility with constant surveillance at a faster pace than an officer on foot.  Our officers continually patrol the grounds in a highly marked security vehicle helping to deter criminals.  The benefit of mobile patrol is in its speed, wherever an incident is occurring on the property the mobile patrol has a much faster response time than an officer on foot.  It is also beneficial to your company because it is a highly visible security patrol which helps prevent crime. Along with that, the officers will set up checkpoints on random location to secure and check on the influx of people. Not only that but our staff is required to change the patrolling route periodically so as to deter any trespasser with malicious intent.

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A security patrol checks the perimeter